Behind the Scenes 2

1/20/2020 by mitchrandom

Another behind the scenes post! When making characters for WebCanids! comics, I usually start by looking for some free (public domain or CC0) reference images for inspiration. I then redesign the animals in cartoon form in a (hopefully) amusing way. This involves laying out the basic shape of the character, and then working with colors until I have something that looks convincing while still fitting the style of the comic.

The most important step, however, is adding the fur. The fur makes characters go from flat, wonky rough-ins to more believable canine friends! You can see the difference that adding fur makes in the two pictures, as well as a sneak peek at the program (Affinity Designer) I use to make these comics!

This behind the scenes post is from the “Weekdays” comic.

- Mitch R.

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